Tiempo en Vivo Vol. 11 "Colors"

The artists of Tiempo will once again leave us impressed and excited with our original productions.

For a long time, it was thought that feelings were linked to colors, for example red for passion, pink for love, black for death and white for purity.

If we saw life from a color point of view, where darker colors represent difficult situations or bright colorssymbolizecrisis, we could say that pastel colors represent calmness, and multi-colors happiness.

In the world of arts, such as dance or music, life is no different. With every step or musical note, the artists perform the “colors of life” that they are feeling or want to convey.

In this new edition of Tiempo Live we will represent the colors in dancing and music related to our feelings.
Do not miss it!!

** The live stage performance will be streamed on Zoom.

Tiempo will take strict measures in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infections.
1. The number of seats will be limited to 50 to ensure enough space.
2. During the performances, windows will be opened to ventilate as much as possible. Doorknobs, chairs and tables will be thoroughly disinfected at the venue.
3. Tiempo's staff will check everyone's temperature and will be wearing a mask.

We ask for your cooperation to prevent the spread of the infection.
1. The following people cannot enter the place:
   - Have a temperature more than 37.5º, coughing or fever symptoms.
   - Have family, work colleagues or school classmates may have been infected with coronavirus or who may likely be infected with coronavirus.
   - In addition to the previous statement, are uneasy about their physical condition.
   - Have not been in Japan for 14 days since entering the area subjected to entry restrictions based on the Immigration Control Act.
2. We will check everyone’s temperature before entering the Center. People who have a temperature more than 37.3º, will be asked to refrain from entering the Center.
3. When entering the Center, you will be asked to use alcohol sanitizer.
4. You will be asked to wear a mask.
5. During the performances, keep your distance when talking to others and refrain to talk aloud.

Saturday, September 5th and 19th, 2020.
* Two performances. Both days will be the same content.

Sep. 5th Open 18:30 | Starts 19:00
Sep. 19th Open 19:00 | Starts 19:30


Adv. Ticket: ¥3,500 (T.I. Mem ¥3,000)
     * Reserved seats (Limited to 50 seats)

Live stream (Zoom): ¥2,500
     * Limited number of people



Bruno Mayo & Cinthia Diaz


Mashael (Daiana Balbuena)
(Arabian dance)


Balodia Rodriguez
(Latin dance)


Silvana Perdomo


Conrado Gmeiner
(Flamenco guitar)


Marcelo Stella
(Director, writer)

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