Celebrate the National Day of Tango in FUKUOKA! 2021

Ben Molar was behind the creation of the “National Tango Day” , which is celebrated worldwide every December 11th, commemorating the birth dates of the creators of two tango aspects, "The voice " (Carlos Gardel, el Zorzal Criollo (the Creole thrush) , idol and leading tango figure) and "Music " ( Julio De Caro , great conductor and genre reformist).
This day of tango is celebrated in several countries.

We cannot go beyond celebrating such an important event, that is why we will do a special event dedicated to tango with different activities. This year, we will welcome dancers Rodrigo and Natsuko and accordion player Yusei from Hiroshima to fully enjoy the charm of tango.
Along with them, the excellent singer Alfonso and the pianist Ai Ohashi will participate.
If you like or are interested in tango, you cannot miss this activity. We are going to enjoy celebrating the day of tango!

1st Part 18:30 - 19:20

18:30 - 19:20
Dinner Concert

Enjoy live music by singer Alfonzo Craviotto, accordion player YUKI and pianist Aiko Ohashi while tasting the authentic flavor of Argentina from our "Sancho Pansa" chef.

Dinner Plate: ¥1,500 (reservation required)

2nd Part 19:30 -


A special milonga with the shows of the couple, Rodrigo and Natsuko from Hiroshima, together with them also accordion player YUKI will play a song.
If you like or are interested in tango, you cannot miss this activity.
We are going to enjoy celebrating the day of tango!

Saturday, December 11th, 2021.

Starts: 18:00


Adv. Ticket:
     • 1st and 2nd parts: ¥4,000 (T.I. Mem ¥3,500)
     * Dinner plate (reservation required): ¥1,500
     • 2nd Part Only: ¥3,500 (T.I. Mem ¥3,000)
* The purchase of a drink ticket (500 yen) is necessary.

At Tiempo Hall, a carbon dioxide measuring devicehas been installed based on the "Recommended Ventilation Method” guidelines given bythe Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in order to reduce the risk of creating a cluster of coronavirus infection.
Room ventilation is performed so that the amount of CO2 does not exceed 1000ppm. If there is an increase due to conversation or cheering, the event may be interrupted, and ventilation may be performed.

Tiempo will take strict measures in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infections.
1. The number of seats will be limited to ensure enough space.
2. During the performances, windows will be opened to ventilate as much as possible. Doorknobs, chairs and tables will be thoroughly disinfected at the venue.
3. Tiempo's staff will check everyone's temperature and will be wearing a mask.

We ask for your cooperation to prevent the spread of the infection.
1. The following people cannot enter the place:
   - Have a temperature more than 37.5º, coughing or fever symptoms.
   - Have family, work colleagues or school classmates may have been infected with coronavirus or who may likely be infected with coronavirus.
   - In addition to the previous statement, are uneasy about their physical condition.
   - Have not been in Japan for 14 days since entering the area subjected to entry restrictions based on the Immigration Control Act.
2. We will check everyone’s temperature before entering the Center. People who have a temperature more than 37.3º, will be asked to refrain from entering the Center.
3. When entering the Center, you will be asked to use alcohol sanitizer.
4. You will be asked to wear a mask.
5. During the performances, keep your distance when talking to others and refrain to talk aloud.

Joaquín Besga & Laura Smart

Rodrigo & Natsuko




Alfonzo Craviotto


Aiko Ohashi

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