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Flamenco Live "PASION DE FUKUOKA" Vol. 15

Dance show  Flamenco  Tablao


Silvana Perdomo, who has been in Japan as an flamenco instructor for more than two years, finally returns to her country, Argentina.
In this 15th edition of the tablao, Silvana and the next instructor, Paulina Flores, accompanied by the guest singer, Manuel de la Malena, the guitarist Tatsuya Nakagawa will present the spirit of Flamenco with the participation of local dancers, Urara Furusako, Miho Ichimura and Saori Sakamoto .
Enjoy the authentic atmosphere of tablaos!

  Sunday, May 15th, 2022.  Open: 18:00 / Start: 18:30


  Adv. Ticket: ¥4,000 (T.I. Mem ¥3,500)
      Door: ¥4,500
      * The purchase of a drink ticket (¥500) is necessary.

  On the day of the event, we have the "Menu Grande" from the menu of our Cafe Restaurante SANCHO PANZA located on the 5th floor. You can order at the bar counter.

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Foto artista

Silvana Perdomo

Foto artista

Paulina Flores

Foto artista

Manuel de la Malena

Foto artista

Urara Furusako

Foto artista

Miho Ichimura

Foto artista

Saori Sakamoto

Foto artista

Tatsuya Nakagawa

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