Multifunctional event hall operated by TIEMPO

Measures to prevent the COVID-19


We would like to appreciate everybody who regularly participate at our intercultural activities.
Japan's prime minister announced lifting coronavirus restrictions in Fukuoka on March 6. Therefore, we are currently resuming activities following the guidelines for restaurants of Fukuoka City government.

At Tiempo Hall, a carbon dioxide measuring devicehas been installed based on the "Recommended Ventilation Method” guidelines given bythe Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in order to reduce the risk of creating a cluster of coronavirus infection.Room ventilation is performed so that the amount of CO2 does not exceed 1000ppm. If there is an increase due to conversation or cheering, the event may be interrupted, and ventilation may be performed.

Tiempo will take strict measures in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus infections.

1. The number of seats will be limited to ensure enough space.

2. Doorknobs, chairs and tables will be thoroughly disinfected at the venue.

3. Our staff will check everyone's temperature and will be wearing a mask.

  We ask for your cooperation to prevent the spread of the infection.

1. Entrance will be restricted to those who:
  - Have a temperature of more than 37.5º, coughing or fever symptoms.
  - Have family, work colleagues or school classmates that may have been infected with coronavirus or who may likely be infected with coronavirus.
  - In addition to the previous statement, people who are uneasy about their physical condition.
  - Have not spent the mandatory 14 days of isolation since returning from a restricted area accordingto the Immigration Control Act.

2. We will check everyone’s temperature before entering the venue. People who have a temperature more than 37.3º, will be asked to refrain from entering the event.

3. Before entering to the events, you will be asked to use alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

4. You will be asked to wear a mask.

5. Inside the local, keep your distance when talking to others and refrain to talk aloud.

  Regular Parties

After carefully following the previous content, we ask the participants to take into account the following points as well:

1. If there is an increase due to conversation or cheering, the event may be interrupted, and ventilation may be performed.

2. Before and after dancing as a couple, use alcohol-based hand sanitizer.

3. When dancing you should wear a mask and refrain from talking to others .

4. The people who do not follow these conditions will be asked to leave the venue.

Additionally, when entering Salsón and Milonga you will sign a statement complying the above conditions.

• If you have any questions, please contact us.
TEL: 092-762-4100

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.