Multifunctional event hall operated by TIEMPO

Hybrid, online, face-to-face and experiential space, intended for events


Setting: Standing

It is a perfect space for concerts, seminars, dance events and other activities. It adapts to suit your needs with different capacities, perfectly equipped and with reception services.

TIEMPO HALL complies with strict prevention measures against Covid-19.
It also provide the broadcasting services for online events. Contact us for more information.


Capacity ranges from 40 to 280 attendees.

Foto la sala
Theater setting

Capacity: approximately 150 attendees.
Uses: Seminars, conferences, screenings, concerts, shows, etc.

Foto la sala
Dining setting

Capacity: approximately 100 attendees.
Use: Dinner show, shows, recitals, etc.

Foto la sala
Standing setting

Capacity: approximately 280 attendees.
Use: Dinner show, shows, recitals, etc.
It's possible to set some seats.

  Rental rates for space

Rental hours:

    16:00 - 21:00: ¥110,000
    16:00 - 24:00: ¥165,000

Sundays and national holidays:
    16:00 - 24:00: ¥110,000

Rental fee includes:
  * Tax
  * One staff of sound system.
  * Sound and lighting operator
  * 2 greenrooms
* Our staff of sound system is an administrator and not a professional operator. If you wish to have a professional operator, we can arrange for one with additional fee.

Ordering a minimum of one drink (¥500) is required.
The above rates are different depending on the day of the week and setting, so please inquire.
* Please feel free to contact us if you wish to use our facilities on weekdays.

  Paid options

  • Professional sound operator: ¥25,000

  • Piano (RD700): ¥5,000

  • Bass Amplifier (Heatky): ¥8,000

  • Screen and projector: ¥10,000

  • Flyer design and printing: Consult.


  • We make an announcement on our website and in “ Que Pasa”, the monthly booklet published by Tiempo Iberoamericano.

  • We collaborate in the sale of tickets.

Video Production

TIEMPO HALL offers filming and editing services using lighting and audio equipment.
Please contact us for more information.

Latin Foods & Drinks

At Tiempo Hall you will be able to enjoy the authentic flavor and tapas of Latin America, prepared all by the chefs, guests from abroad, at the Café Restaurante SANCHO PANZA, located on the fifth floor.
In addition, we have a varied menu of Latin cocktails and drinks at the bar counter.
If you want to offer food to customers at your event, do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

Light meal
foto platos

"Menú Chico"

A light food menu that is easy to eat even standing. Ideal for live concerts and dance events.

foto platos

"Menú Grande"

This is the same dishes that are offered in the restaurant.